What’s New, What’s Next For Collaborative Robots?

Collaborative robots have found great success since their introduction, providing companies large and small, many of which had not previously benefited from robotics automation, with a new class of low cost, flexible automation solutions.

While the use of collaborative robots has expanded rapidly, becoming the fastest growing industrial robotics sector, the technology still has not completely mainstreamed, partly due to an ongoing need for education, proof points and rigorous ROI analyses.

In this RoboBusiness Direct session running February 4, 2021, attendees will be presented with an update as to the state of the collaborative robotics offerings, as well as a series of case studies that highlight business drivers, application development, deployment and training issues, and results.

Topics discussed in this RoboBusiness Direct session will include:

  • Collaborative robots systems update
  • Supporting technologies
  • Proof points and ROI
  • Case studies
  • New applications, new markets

February 4th, 2021 – 2:00 PM EST


  • Joe Campbell, Head of US Marketing | Universal Robots
  • Thomas Reek, VP of Sales: Automation | SCHUNK
  • Steve Crowe, Editor | The Robot Report

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About RoboBusiness Direct

RoboBusiness Direct is an ongoing series of digital events delivered by brightest minds from the leading robotics and automation organizations around the world. The series complements continuing coverage and analysis in Robotics Business Review.

RoboBusiness Direct is designed to impart to business and engineering professionals the information they need to identify market opportunities, successfully develop and deploy the next generation of commercial robotics systems, and accelerate their businesses.

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