Video Friday: Loona

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IROS 2022: 23–27 October 2022, KYOTO, JAPAN
ANA Avatar XPRIZE Finals: 4–5 November 2022, LOS ANGELES
CoRL 2022: 14–18 December 2022, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND

Enjoy today’s videos!

Another robotic pet on Kickstarter, another bunting of red flags.

Let’s see, we’ve got: “she’s so playful and affectionate you’ll forget she’s a robot.” “Everything you can dream of in a best friend and more.” “Get ready to fall in love!” And that’s literally like the first couple of tiles on the Kickstarter post. Look, the hardware seems fine, and there is a lot of expressiveness going on, I just wish they didn’t set you up for an inevitable disappointment when after a couple of weeks it becomes apparent that yes, this is just a robotic toy, and will never be your best friend (or more).

Loona is currently on Kickstarter for about USD $300.

[ Kickstarter ]

Inspired by the flexibility and resilience of dragonfly wings, we propose a novel design for a biomimetic drone propeller called Tombo propeller. Here, we report on the design and fabrication process of this biomimetic propeller that can accommodate collisions and recover quickly, while maintaining sufficient thrust force to hover and fly.


Thanks Van!

Meet Tom, a software engineer at Boston Dynamics, as he shares insights on programming and testing the practical—and impractical—applications of robotics. Whether Spot is conducting inspections or playing an instrument, learn how we go from code on a computer to actions in the real world.

Yeah, but where do I get that awesome shirt?!

[ Boston Dynamics ]

This Ammeca demo couples automated speech recognition with GPT 3 —a large language model that generates meaningful answers—the output is fed to an online TTS service which generates the voice and visemes for lip sync timing. The team at Engineered Arts Ltd. pose the questions.

“Meaningful answers.”

[ Engineered Arts ]

The ANT project develops a navigation and motion control system for future walking systems for planetary exploration. After successful testing on ramps and rubble fields, the challenge of climbing rough inclines such as craters is being tackled.

[ DFKI ]

Look, if you’re going to crate-train Spot, at least put some blankets and stuffed animals in there or something.

[ Energy Robotics ]

With multitrade layout, all trades’ layouts are set down with a single pass over the floor by Dusty’s FieldPrinter system. Trades experience unparalleled clarity and communication with each other, because they can see each others’ installation plans and immediately identify and resolve conflicts. Instead of fighting over the floor and pointing fingers, they start to solve problems together.

[ Dusty Robotics ]

We present QUaRTM—a novel quadcopter design capable of tilting the propellers into the forward flight direction, which reduces the drag area and therefore allows for faster, more agile, and more efficient flight.

[ HiPeRLab ]

Is there an option in the iRobot app to turn my Roomba into a cake? Because I want cake.

[ iRobot ]

Looks like SoftBank is getting into high-density robotic logistics.

[ Impress ]

GITAI S2 ground test for space debris removal. During this demonstration, a tool changer was also tested to perform several different tasks at OSAM.


Recent advances allow for the automation of food preparation in high-throughput environments, yet the successful deployment of these robots requires the planning and execution of quick, robust, and ultimately collision-free behaviors. In this work, we showcase a novel framework for modifying previously generated trajectories of robotic manipulators in highly detailed and dynamic collision environments.

[ Paper ]

The LCT Hospital in South Korea uses “Dr. LCT” for robotic-based orthopedic knee procedures. The system is based on the KUKA LBR Med robotic platform, which is ideally suited for orthopedic surgery with its seven axes, software developed specifically for medical technology, and appropriate safety measures.

[ Kuka ]

A year in review. Compilation of 2022 video highlights of the Game Changing Development (GCD) Program. The Game Changing Development Program is a part of NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate. The program advances space technologies that may lead to entirely new approaches for the agency’s future space missions and provide solutions to significant national needs.

[ NASA ]

Naomi Wu reviews a Diablo mobile robot (with some really cool customizations of her own), sending it out to run errands in Shenzhen during lockdown.

[ Naomi Wu ]

Roundtable discussion on how teaching automation in schools, colleges, and universities can help shape the workers of tomorrow. ABB Robotics has put together a panel of experts in this field to discuss the challenges and opportunities.

[ ABB ]

On 8 September 2022, Mario Santillo of Ford talked to robotics students as the first speaker in the Undergraduate Robotics Pathways & Careers Speaker Series, which aims to answer the question “What can I do with a robotics degree?”

[ Michigan Robotics ]