Video Friday: ICRA 2022

Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your friends at IEEE Spectrum robotics. This week is going to be a little bit on the short side, because Evan is getting married this weekend [!!!!!! –Ed.] and is actually supposed to be writing his vows right now.

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IEEE ARSO 2022: 28 May–30 May 2022, LONG BEACH, CALIF.
RSS 2022: 21 June–1 July 2022, NEW YORK CITY
ERF 2022: 28 June–30 June 2022, ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS
RoboCup 2022: 11 July–17 July 2022, BANGKOK
IEEE CASE 2022: 20 August–24 August 2022, MEXICO CITY
CLAWAR 2022: 12 September–14 September 2022, AZORES, PORTUGAL

Enjoy today’s videos!

These five videos from ICRA 2022 were created by David Garzón Ramos, a PhD student at IRIDIA, Université libre de Bruxelles, and a member of the ERC DEMIURGE project. David won an award from the ICRA organizing committee to help him attend the conference and share his experiences, and here’s how he described his approach to communicating the most exciting parts of ICRA:

At ICRA 2022, I collaborated with the Publicity Committee to portrait some curious, interesting, and emotive moments of the conference in a series of video digests. I believe that working with robots is fun! However, I also believe that it happens quite often that the fascinating ecosystem of contemporary robots is reserved to few fortunate researchers, makers, and engineers. In my videos, I tried to depict and share this rich ecosystem as it was happening in Philadelphia’s ICRA 2022. I focused in creating stories that could be accessible and appealing for the specialized and the non-specialized public. I wandered around the conference capturing those moments that, at least to my eyes, could help to communicate an important message: robots and people can engage positively. What could be more engaging than having funky robots?! 🙂

Many thanks to David for producing and sharing these videos!

We’ll have more ICRA content in the coming weeks, but if you’re looking for the latest research being done on awesome robots, look no further than the annual Legged Locomotion workshop. All of the talks from the ICRA 2022 edition are now online, and you can watch the whole playlist (or just skip to your favorite humans and robots!) below.

[ Legged Robots ]