Unitree B2 quadruped designed for industrial inspection

Unitree Robotics released a new version of its industrial quadruped called the Unitree B2 quadruped. This is an upgrade from the Unitree B1 quadruped and is designed for industrial inspection applications.

The Unitree B2 quadruped features an enhanced lidar for obstacle detection and navigation. The B2 is also equipped with a quick-change battery with 45 Ah (2250 Wh) capacity. This provides the robot with a battery life of 4-6 hours. Unitree said this translates into operations when walking without a load greater than 5 hours and a mileage range of greater than 20km. When walking with a 20kg load, the battery life is greater than 4 hours and a mileage range greater than 15km.

The Unitree B2 quadruped can be equipped with additional payloads to perform remote sensing. | Credit: Unitree

Compared to the Unitree B1, the company said this is a 100% increase in sustained load and a 200% increase in endurance. There is also a 100% increase in continuous walking with a load greater than 40kg.

The Unitree B2 quadruped can be equipped with powered wheels on each leg. | Credit: Unitree

There’s also an option to equip the Unitree B2 quadruped with powered wheels on each foot. This configuration is a unique kinematic option in the Unitree product portfolio that can extend the range of the platform by leveraging wheeled operations for flat, smooth surfaces while retaining walking capabilities to overcome curbs and stairs (by locking the wheels).

The robot is for sale on the Unitree website with various options. The base MSRP for the Unitree B2 quadruped is $100,000.

Unitree also offers several consumer- and research-grade quadrupeds at lower price points. Switzerland-based ANYbotics and Boston Dynamics are two other popular developers of quadrupeds. They develop the ANYmal and Spot quadrupeds, respectively.

Earlier this year, Unitree introduced its first humanoid, the Unitree H1. Since it developed and commercialized the necessary leg mechanics and drive systems with its quadruped product line, it already had a headstart on humanoid development. Just yesterday, Unitree released its second video of the H1, in which some of its engineers weren’t being so nice to H1 – ala how Boston Dynamics years ago pushed Atlas around with a hockey stick. You can watch the new Unitree video below.

Unitree B2 quadruped Specs

Here’s a quick glance at some of the specs of the Unitree B2:

Max Running Speed: >6m/s
Max Joint Torque: About 360N.m
Longest Jump Distance: >1.6m
Standing load: 120kg max.
Continuous walking load: 40kg
Obstacle crossing: Max 40cm
Slope angle > 45°
Continuous walking without load: 5h
20kg load continuous walking: 4h

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