Top 10 robotics stories of August 2023

The summer of humanoids continues as, once again, our top two stories last month were about humanoids. Robotics funding stories as well as new milestones for robotics companies also grabbed your attention in August 2023.

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10. Beijing announces $1.4B robotics fund

Beijing announced its plans to create a 10 billion yuan ($1.4 billion) robotics fund to promote robotics technology development in the city. The fund is part of a broader effort to establish Beijing as the industry’s international industrial highland. Read More

9. Olis Robotics brings in $4.1M

Olis Robotics, a company that specializes in remote monitoring, control, and error recovery technology for industrial robots, brought in $4.1 million in funding. With Olis Connect, the company’s flagship system, users can safely remotely monitor, control, and troubleshoot their industrial robots. This leads to improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), effectively addressing costly robot downtime. Read More

8. Here’s how much funding robotics companies raised in June

Robotics funding reached $2.1 billion in June 2023 as a result of 51 investments. This brings the year-to-date investment total for the robotics industry to approximately $6.1 billion. Companies based in the United States and China once again received the most number of rounds, 20 and 8, respectively. Read More

7. Aerobotix integrates robots that inspect, prepare, and paint combat aircraft

The featured interview on this episode of The Robot Report Podcast is a conversation with Aerobotix VP of Sales, Chris Kolb. Aerobotix builds and integrates robotic inspection, sanding, and painting systems for US military aircraft maintenance. The systems installed by Aerobotix even painted the US Air Force aircraft filmed for the original Top Gun Maverick movie. Read More

6. John Deere to discuss state of agrobotics at RoboBusiness

At RoboBusiness (Oct. 18-19 in Santa Clara, Calif.), John Deere’s director of emerging technologies, Sarah Schinckel, will detail how advanced robotics are essential to helping farmers upskill limited labor and perform precise tasks at scale. This presentation will explore the value robotics bring to the farm and what other industries can learn from its purposeful use case in agriculture. Read More

5. Locus Robotics passes 2 billion units picked milestone

Locus Robotics announced that its AMRs have picked more than two billion units, reinforcing the company’s position as a leading robotics provider for the warehouse and logistics industry. This new milestone comes just 11 months after reaching the industry-first landmark of 1 billion picks in 2022. Read More

4. ARM Institute announces 8 new technology projects

The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute announced eight new short-cycle technology projects it will be funding. The Institute plans to award nearly $1.56 million in project funding from various sectors, for a total contribution of $3.26 million across these eight projects. Read More

3. German Bionic debuts Apogee+ powered exoskeleton

German Bionic unveiled Apogee+, a powered exoskeleton for the North American healthcare market. Apogee+ aims to merge cutting-edge robots with research-backed, data-driven insights to better support caregivers. Read More

2. Apptronik unveils Apollo humanoid robot

Apptronik launched its Apollo humanoid robot. The company joins a growing list of robotics companies in the race to commercialize a humanoid. Until now, the company has had a low profile, working primarily on research and development projects with exoskeletons and bipedal locomotion for the U.S. government and the Department of Defense (DoD). Read More

1. Unitree teases new H1 humanoid robot

Unitree announced on social media that it is developing a humanoid robot, building on its experience in quadruped robotics. Unitree is one of the leading developers of quadrupeds and recently launched the second generation of its Go2 quadruped. Read More

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