Techman Robot announces AI cobot series

Techman Robot’s new AI Cobot Series can recognize the presence and orientation of their environments. | Source: Techman Robot

Techman Robot announced its TM AI Cobot series, a series of collaborative robots (cobots) that combine a precise robot arm with a native AI inferencing engine and smart vision system. 

Techman Robot’s AI Cobots come with a comprehensive AI software suite, including TM AI+ Training Server, TM AI+ AOI Edge, TM Image Manager and TM 3DVision. This software suite allows end-users to train and tailor the AI Cobots to meet their application, whether that be for precise pick-and-place, palletizing, welding, semi-conductor and product manufacturing, AOI inspections, food service preparation and even as an autonomous mobile robot (AMR), as Techman Robot’s AI Cobot series can be installed on an AGV/AMR. 

“Techman Robot has redefined the future of industry robotics with the introduction of its AI Cobot series that are equipped with a native AI engine, powerful and precise robotic arm and vision system that represents a perfect combination of ‘brain, hands and eyes’. With our all-in-one integrated system and supporting software suite, we lead the industry with ease of integration, accelerating productivity while reinforcing quality, and opening new opportunities,” Techman Robot President Shi-chi Ho said in a statement announcing the launch. 

The series is made up of six different cobots, with Techman Robot’s TM16 and TM20 being the newest in the line. TM20 has the highest payload in the series, with a max of 20 kg (54 lb), while the TM12 has the longest reach at 1300 mm (4.2 ft). 

These cobots have the ability to recognize the presence and orientation of their environments to perform various tasks. They can even read results from machines or test equipment and made decisions accordingly.

Techman Robots claims that its cobots can improve automation processes as well as track, analyze and integrate data during production, preventing defects and improving product quality. This can lead to increased productivity, decreased costs and shorter cycle times.

Techman Robots was founded in 2016, and is headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and has branches in Korea, China and the Netherlands. It employs over 500 people worldwide, and is a subsidiary of the Quanta Group. 

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