Stanley Robotics to use Velodyne Lidar sensors in its parking robots

Stanley Robotics’ Stan robot, which uses Velodyne Lidar sensors, attaches to the front of cars to park them. | Source: Stanley Robotics

Velodyne Lidar announced it signed a multi-year agreement with Stanley Robotics. The company plans to use Velodyne’s sensors in its automated valet parking solution where autonomous handling robots help cars park to increase the number of vehicles that can be stored. 

Stanley Robotics will use Velodyne’s Puck and Velarray M1600 lidar sensors to provide perception and navigation capabilities in its all-electric Stan robots. Velodyne’s sensors provide real-time 3D perception data for localization, mapping, object classification and object tracking. The sensors can work in a wide range of difficult environments, including ones with varied lighting and precipitation. 

“High-performance sensors are key to enabling our autonomous mobile robots to reliably navigate and maneuver in narrow parking lanes,” Mathieu Lips, COO of Stanley Robotics, said. “Velodyne’s lidar sensors deliver the performance for Stanley Robotics’ innovative solutions. This agreement reflects Velodyne’s ability to serve the unique nature and high-level requirements of our use cases. This partnership with Velodyne also provides Stanley Robotics privileged access to best-in-class technology in the field of lidar sensors.”

Stan robots equipped with Velodyne sensors are already at work in airports and finished vehicle logistics in Europe and Japan. The company has more deployments planned for 2023, including deployments in North America. 

With Stanley Robotics’ parking service, drivers leave their vehicles at a designated drop-off and pick-up area. Stan robots take the car from the drop-off location to a secure parking area not open to the public. Customers’ vehicles will be waiting for them in the designated area when they return to pick them up. 

“Stanley Robotics is transforming logistics for vehicles with its autonomous mobile robot technology,” Laura Wrisley, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Velodyne Lidar, said. “Equipped with Velodyne’s lidar sensors, Stan robots provide the precision needed to safely move, park and deliver cars where and when customers need them. This advanced system aligns with efficiency and sustainability goals of car park operators, parking cars in dense blocks and relieving the need to add costly new parking areas.”

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