Robotics Summit: How Scythe Robotics uses Rust for software development

For a long time, robotics software development has been forced to make a choice between safe software and fast software. Early on, Scythe Robotics chose a third path: Rust, the new programming language that promised a break from that dichotomy. It was a lonely and bold choice at the time but has paid huge dividends.

Zach Goins, senior autonomy software engineer at Scythe Robotics, a developer of commercial autonomous lawnmowers, will discuss Scythe’s decision to use Rust for software development during his talk at the Robotics Summit & Expo called “Oxidizing Your Software Development: Rust for Robotics.” The talk will take place at the Boston Convention Center on May 11, 2023, at 2:00 PM. 

Goins will discuss how Scythe benefited from Rust’s strengths to build a robot software platform that is both reliable and performant, while still enabling high-velocity development. For example, leveraging the best parts of both ROS and Rust is possible with the mature rosrust crate, which allows engineers to make use of existing ROS tools as well as the wider package ecosystem. Further, directly integrating with other existing C/C++ software is straightforward as well, enabling the reuse of proven libraries and device-specific features like compute accelerators and other C/C++ platform SDKs.

Scythe’s rapid progress is, in no small part, due to the strengths of Rust and the confidence it has unlocked for developers to move fast and build things reliably. This talk will be a guide for others looking to oxidize and accelerate their software development process.

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