Pudu Robotics launches all-new PuduBot 2 universal delivery robot

PuduBot 2 is an enhanced version of PuduBot, equipped with the company’s self-developed PUDU SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology. | Credit: Pudu Robotics

Pudu Robotics unveils the all-new PuduBot 2. This new platform features a range of upgrades over the first-generation PuduBot, which was launched in 2017. The service AMR is designed for the same operations as the original PuduBot, but the new features make it more reliable and adaptable.

New features

PuduBot is positioned as a universal delivery robot, able to be easily reconfigured for any type of delivery application. PuduBot 2 features new sensors, higher battery power capacity, and superior stability.

The high-performance lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery provides up to 24 hours of operational battery life on a three-hour charge. The battery is also safer and has a longer lifespan, making it a more sustainable and environmentally responsible option. This improved operational duty improves throughput performance of the platform.

A redesigned chassis increases driving stability by 30%. This helps to keep plates and food in place, with fewer spills while delivering meals to patrons in a restaurant.

PuduBot 2 is equipped with the company’s self-developed PUDU SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology. The solution uses both laser and vision camera data to accurately maintain its location on its facility map. When an AMR get lost, it typically requires a human operator to “relocalize” it and return it to operation. Any service robot that frequently gets “lost” and requires operator support, will quickly find itself parked and out of a job.

The use of SLAM navigation means that this generation of robot does not require any markers or navigation QR codes to navigate the facility. According to the company, this cuts deployment time by 75% and ensures stable operation even in high-ceilinged environments of up to 20 meters. Moreover, the PuduBot 2 has dual lidar (laser imaging, detection, and range) sensors that allow it to constantly and accurately visualize its surroundings and make intuitive course adjustments.

Pudu Robotics develops all of its own technology include the PUDU OS, which runs on the entire family of Pudu robots. The software features an intuitive toolkit to edit the facility map and define the operational parameters for a fleet of Pudu robots. Operators can track each robot’s whereabouts at all times by using the smart-watch app. The new PuduBot 2 can communicate with not only operators but also other nearby devices, automatically updating obstacles and optimizing path for the entire fleet deployed at a facility.

With a restaurant setting, this might include the discovery of a reconfigured floor plan of tables for a special event. One robot can share the new floor configuration across the fleet, and immediately improve the operation of all of the robots as they plan their delivery paths.

Editors note: The Robot Report recently reported on a news from the company about layoffs within Chinese operations at Pudu, due to intense domestic competition. The company reports that the layoffs were important to optimizing their operations and to remain healthy financially. This story originally appeared on The Mobile Robot Guide.

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