Prosegur Security launches new quadruped patrol option

Prosegur has equipped the Boston Dynamics Spot quadruped with a unique sensing payload for use in guard patrols. | Credit: Prosegur

There’s a new security dog in town and his name is Yellow. The Boston Dynamics Spot quadruped has been equipped with a unique sensor payload by Prosegur Security USA. This payload gives the robot enhanced sensing capabilities.

Prosegur is primarily a human guard services company, offering contractual guard services in a number of markets. Prosegur is expanding its clientele options by introducing The Yellow Robot, a new service, to its portfolio.

The robot is meant to be used in places that are too dangerous or hard for people to access. Yellow can distinguish “friend from foe” using GenzAI facial recognition technology from Azena, warning security of potential attacks.

The data stream from Yellow is connected to any Prosegur security operations center (SOC) using 5G technology.

“Prosegur understands the importance of intelligent, integrated security offerings, and Yellow is an innovative approach that connects and communicates with people and technologies to provide a comprehensive security solution,” said Mike Dunn, chief technology officer at Prosegur. “By leveraging our GenzAI platform, state-of-the-art machine learning, communication, smart cameras and video analytics, Yellow can detect security threats, relay information to the SOC and on-site security to quickly respond and neutralize any danger.”

Yellow uses video analytics in its guarding activities as an extension of Prosegur’s GenzAI platform and in collaboration with software from the Azena marketplace to detect and recognize suspicious aspects and immediately notify the SOC of any potential risks.

Yellow improves the effectiveness and support of human patrol operations, raising the level of safety and security for standalone manned guards. Yellow’s hypersensitive sensors allow it to identify temperature and gas variations that could be signs of a fire or a gas leak.

Yellow is expected to be deployed at sporting events and large gatherings to help enhance the function of human security guards. | Credit: Prosegur

Yellow’s ability to conduct perimeter patrols both independently and under the supervision of a security team member enables real-time application at both private businesses and public events, such as concerts and sporting events. Yellow can also adapt to any terrain, avoid obstacles, and make a detailed map of its patrol area thanks to its machine learning capabilities. Furthermore, Yellow’s sophisticated equipment permits uninterrupted transmission of its actual location to the SOC and local security. Yellow’s capabilities are adaptable and dynamic, and the dog easily fits into Prosegur’s overall security philosophy.

Hartmut Schaper, CEO of Azena, the platform powering Yellow’s video analytics, added, “Innovation is at the forefront of all we do at Azena and now AI-enabled video analytics can be leveraged in more sectors than ever before to improve safety, security and operational efficiency. We are proud to be working in partnership with Prosegur Security to augment human response by employing sophisticated detection technology.”

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