OMRON launches 20 kg payload cobot arm

The OMRON TM20 cobot features a 20 kg payload and 1300 mm reach. | Credit: OMRON

OMRON extended its collaborative robot product line with the addition of the OMRON TM20 cobot. The TM20 features a 44 lb (20 kg) payload capacity with a 51-inch (1300 mm) reach.

The OMRON TM line of cobots now features six collaborative robot arms, with maximum payload capacities ranging from 13 lb (6 kg) to 44 lb (20 kg). It is designed to work seamlessly with other OMRON products, including sensors, controllers, and software, to provide a comprehensive automation solution for industrial customers. The robot is programmable with a click-and-drag method in TMflow.

Like the rest of the OMRON TM lineup, the TM20 can be deployed onboard an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) as a mobile manipulator. The robot also comes equipped with special joint covers to protect it from cutting oil and other hazardous materials, making it suitable for use in machine tending applications.

OMRON said the TM20 is well-suited for a variety of applications, but especially for palletizing. With the long reach and heaviest payload in the OMRON TM product line, it can handle most palletizing operations within its work envelope.

“We are excited to launch the OMRON TM20, which expands the capabilities of our cobot family and gives customers the ability to automate heavy payload applications,” Fernando Vaquerizo, fixed and cobots product marketing manager at OMRON Europe. “The OMRON TM20 is designed to be easy to use, reliable and safe. It relieves operators from tasks that involve heavy lifting while working safely side by side with people.”

TM20 technical specifications

Reach (mm): 1300
Maximum payload (kg): 20
Maximum speed (m/s): 1.3
Weight (kg): 33

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