Meet RB-WATCHER: Revolutionizing Surveillance for Unmatched Security

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In today’s ever-evolving world, ensuring the safety and security of our surroundings has become an utmost priority. Traditional methods of surveillance and security often fall short when it comes to precision, reliability and adaptability. Recognizing this need for a smarter solution, Robotnik, a robotic company fully committed to precision engineering and unparalleled expertise is shaping the future with its groundbreaking advancements, has developed the RB-WATCHER. It is a collaborative mobile robot designed specifically for surveillance and security tasks. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, RB-WATCHER is set to revolutionize the way we approach surveillance in various environments.

Intelligence, precision, functions and reliability

RB-WATCHER‘s intelligence lies not only in its ability to navigate autonomously but also in its suite of intelligent functions. Whether detecting human presence, monitoring a designated area or identifying intruders, collecting crucial data or identifying potential fire outbreaks, RB-WATCHER’s advanced algorithms and sensors ensure unparalleled precision. This mobile robot autonomously performs a wide range of surveillance tasks with exceptional accuracy.

Surveillance and security tasks demand utmost precision and reliability to detect, prevent and overcome potential hazards and risks. RB-WATCHER has been meticulously engineered to meet these requirements, delivering unparalleled performance in diverse operating environments.

RB-WATCHER: Autonomous Mobile Robot for Surveillance & Security

Specifications that unleash the power of autonomous capabilities

This surveillance and security robot stands out for its autonomous capabilities, allowing it to operate efficiently even in challenging and dynamic environments. Equipped with state-of-the-art inspection and navigation sensorization, this robotic platform combines multiple technologies to ensure seamless performance. Among its impressive array of sensors are the bi-spectral camera, front camera, RTK GPS and microphone, all working in harmony to provide comprehensive surveillance coverage. Let’s take a deeper look at specifications the RB-WATCHER enjoys.

Standing out among its competitors, RB-WATCHER‘s inspection sensors play a pivotal role in its surveillance capabilities. The bi-spectral Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera captures high-resolution images, while the microphone provides real-time audio information, boosting situational awareness and threat detection capabilities.

Connectivity is seamless with RB-WATCHER, as it comes equipped with a 4G router for real-time data transmission. Additionally, optional 5G router and Smart Radio support ensure compatibility with the latest communication technologies, enabling RB-WATCHER to remain at the forefront of connectivity advancements.


Navigation and localization are critical aspects of RB-WATCHER‘s performance. Equipped with a front depth camera, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), 3D LIDAR and advanced 3D SLAM and 2D SLAM technologies, RB-WATCHER achieves precise movement and accurate mapping of its surroundings. The integration of Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS further enhances its position awareness, making it an ideal choice for large outdoor spaces.

RB-WATCHER also offers a host of impressive technical specifications that cement its position as an industry leader. With dimensions of 790 x 614 x 856 mm and weighing 62 kg, RB-WATCHER strikes a balance between compactness and power. Its payload capacity of up to 65 kg ensures it can handle various surveillance tasks effectively, while its top speed of 2.5 m/s allows for swift and efficient coverage of designated areas. This versatility makes RB-WATCHER suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, further expanding its range of applications.

Built to withstand challenging conditions, RB-WATCHER boasts an IP53 enclosure class, offering protection against dust and water spray. Its temperature range of -10ºC to +45ºC enables reliable operation in a wide array of environments. Additionally, the robot’s ability to navigate slopes of up to 80% showcases its exceptional adaptability and ensures comprehensive surveillance coverage.

Surveillance & Security at its finest

As a vital component of the service portfolio offered by private security and surveillance companies, one of RB-WATCHER’s core strengths lies in its ability to execute surveillance and security tasks across various industries. The RB-WATCHER provides a powerful solution that enables them to enhance their offerings and benefit their clients in several ways. The autonomous mobile robot excels in patrolling predetermined areas, detecting objects, individuals, and identifying potential fire hazards. Its versatility and reliability make the RB-WATCHER an ideal choice for private security and surveillance companies, empowering them to deliver comprehensive and advanced services to their clients.

Reliability: A Hallmark of RB-WATCHER

When it comes to security and surveillance robots, reliability is non-negotiable. Robotnik’s RB-WATCHER instills confidence through its robust construction and resilient performance. Built to withstand demanding environments, RB-WATCHER operates flawlessly, consistently delivering accurate data for effective decision-making. With this reliable companion by your side, you can rest assured that your surveillance and security tasks are in capable hands.

Free Navigation for unrestricted surveillance

RB-WATCHER breaks free from the limitations of conventional surveillance methods. With its free navigation capabilities, this collaborative mobile robot efficiently traverses various terrains, overcoming obstacles effortlessly. By dynamically adapting to changing environments, RB-WATCHER guarantees comprehensive surveillance coverage, leaving no stone unturned in its quest for security.


Robotnik’s RB-WATCHER sets a new standard in the realm of security and surveillance robots. By combining precision, reliability and autonomous capabilities, RB-WATCHER redefines the way we approach surveillance tasks in a rapidly changing world. With its impressive sensorization, versatility and intelligent functions, RB-WATCHER stands as a testament to Robotnik’s commitment to innovation and safety. As we continue to embrace technological advancements, RB-WATCHER paves the way for a safer, more secure future.