LG introduces door-type CLOi ServeBot for deliveries in healthcare settings

The new CLOi ServeBot has four doors and storage space to automate deliveries. | Source: LG Business Solutions

LG Business Solutions USA Inc. unveiled its latest LG CLOi ServeBot yesterday. Model LDLIM31 is an autonomous service robot that can provide safe deliveries in hospitality and healthcare settings, it said. 

Introduced at the HITEC 2024 hospitality technology trade show, the latest CLOi ServeBot features a four-door design. LG said that the robot has ample storage space and that it can performs simple and repetitive delivery tasks to reduce the burden on staffers.

“Our newest service robot brings a new level of functionality and flexibility to the hospitality and healthcare channels,” stated Mike Kosla, senior vice president of LG Business Solutions USA.

“Featuring advanced platform technologies that include AI, communications, and control, the new CLOi ServeBot is going to help our hospitality and healthcare customers streamline their operations,” he added. “The introduction of a door-type service robot reinforces our commitment to constantly innovate in ways that bring meaningful new benefits to our customers.”

The CLOi ServeBot is designed for hospitality and healthcare. LG Electronics

LG Electronics widens its portfolio of B2B robots

LG serves commercial customers in the U.S. lodging and hospitality, digital signage, systems integration, healthcare, education, government, and industrial markets. The Englewood Cliffs, N.J.-based company launched its CLOi CarryBot in the U.S. earlier this year. The autonomous mobile robot (AMR) can move up to 1.2 m/sec. (2.6 mph) with 18 hours of runtime and a six-hour charge time.

According to LG Electronics USA Business Solutions, a unit of Seoul-based LG Electronics Inc., this latest offering bolsters its portfolio of AI robots and robot control systems.

The new system also aligns with the company’s plan to accelerate the expansion of its business-to-business (B2B) offerings, particularly in delivery and logistics services. 

In March, LG Electronics led the $60 million Series C round for service robot maker Bear Robotics Inc.

CLOi ServeBot LDLIM31 designed for capacity, stability

LG’s new door-type robot has four internal compartments, each capable of holding items weighing up to 30 kg (66.14 lb.). These compartments allow it to make multiple deliveries or collections at a time.

The robot’s cargo space can accommodate as many as 32 standard-size, 12-oz. coffee cups, explained the company. Users can also adjust the shelving according to the item or load size. 

Tailored for indoor hospitality and healthcare environments, LG CLOi ServeBot can use elevators, expanding operational coverage. The robot has six wheels with independent suspension to provide stability. This enables the LDLIM31to transport beverages over uneven surfaces without significant spillage, said LG.

For user convenience, ServeBot’s doors can be set to open or close automatically during operation. Using built-in cameras in its internal compartments, the robot can detect when items have been removed and the delivery is completed. 

The robot is equipped with algorithms that allow it to safely navigate around obstacles, determine the optimal route to its destinations, and communicate with up to 20 other CLOi ServeBots to maximize task efficiency and avoid potential collisions. 

CLOi ServeBot also has a front-facing 10.1-in. (25.6 cm) display that serves as a mobile advertising platform. Users can upload content for display via the LG CLOi Cloud Station for mobile and web use or the CMS mobile app.

The door-type CLOi ServeBot has won the 2024 Red Dot “Best of the Best” design award and the 2024 iF Design Award.

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