iRobot launches Create 3 educational robot

iRobot Create 3 educational robot. | Credit: iRobot

In celebration of National Robotics Week, iRobot today launched the Create 3 educational robot. Based on the Roomba i3 Series robot vacuum platform, Create 3 is a mobile robot development platform for advanced makers who are learning ROS 2.

Create 3 is available in the US ($299) and Canada ($399) now. It will be available in EMEA through authorized distributors in the coming months.

Create 3 doesn’t have vacuuming capabilities, but it offers a boatload of other features to advance one’s robotics knowledge. It comes pre-assembled and equipped with Wi-Fi, Ethernet-over-USB host, and Bluetooth. It also features an inertial measurement unit (IMU), optical floor tracking sensor, wheel encoders, and infrared sensors for autonomous localization, navigation, and telepresence applications. It also includes cliff, bump and slip detection, along with LED lights and a speaker.

Using the built-in USB-C port, you can attach and run third-party hardware on Create 3. With Create 3, you can build basic mobile robot applications or explore advanced applications including multi-robot exploration, navigation and mapping technology, and telepresence capabilities.

“iRobot is committed to delivering STEM tools to all levels of the educational community, empowering the next generation of engineers, scientists and enthusiasts to do more,” said Colin Angle, chairman and CEO of iRobot. “The advanced capabilities we’ve made available on Create 3 enable higher-level students, educators and developers to be in the driver’s seat of robotics exploration, allowing them to one day discover new ways for robots to benefit society.”

iRobot released a Python Web Playground for Create 3, along with its Root educational robot. iRobot said this provides a bridge for beginners to start learning more advanced programming skills outside of the iRobot Coding App. Python is a common coding language and enables users to broaden the complexity of their projects.

A 3D simulation of Create 3 is also available using Ignition Gazebo for increased access to robotics education and research.

The launch of Create 3 coincides with National Robotics Week, which runs April 2-10. Founded and organized by iRobot, National Robotics Week is a time to inspire students about robotics and STEM-related fields, and to share the excitement of robotics with audiences of all ages through a range of in-person and virtual events.

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