Intuition Robotics launches ElliQ 2.0 and companion app

Intuition Robotics’ updated ElliQ 2.0. | Source: Intuition Robotics

Intuition Robotics launched an updated version of its digital care companion for aging adults, that includes hardware and software updates, called ElliQ 2.0 and a companion app for family members, friends and caregivers. 

The latest version of ElliQ has been manufactured at a significantly larger scale to improve the user experience. Intuition Robotics also gave ElliQ simpler tablet charging, a better screen and higher-quality far-field microphone performance. 

When it comes to software, ElliQ 2.0 includes improvements that make it better at holding deeper conversations and building stronger relationships. ElliQ can also now give museum exhibit tours, facilitate virtual travel and record memories to send to loved ones. 

According to Intuition, ElliQ can proactively suggest activities or start conversations. The more users interact with ElliQ, the more the robot is able to build context and inform follow-up conversations, resulting in a more natural relationship than with other robotic companions. The latest version of ElliQ is even better at building that context. 

Along with ElliQ 2.0, Intuition Robotics launched a companion app for family members, friends and other caregivers like case managers or home health aides. The app allows users to conduct video calls on ElliQ as well as send texts, images and video messages and set reminders remotely. With the app, users can also receive updates on changes in the well-being of the ElliQ user. 

“Seeing ElliQ positively change the lives of so many older adults is a dream come true for our team, who has worked so hard on bringing ElliQ to market,” Dor Skuler, CEO and Co-founder of Intuition Robotics, said. “Now, we are entering the next phase of the journey of providing ElliQ at scale and adding value to additional stakeholders such as families, case managers, caregivers and partners.”

ElliQ launched commercially in March 2022, and since then Intuition Robotics has released its first Impact Report. According to the company, since its release six months ago, ElliQ has been able to reduce loneliness in 80% of users and help 82% of them stay mentally active. 

Since its release, ElliQ gained traction both with consumers and B2B customers like state governments, healthcare organizations and senior living communities. In May, Intuition Robotics partnered with the New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA) to put ElliQ, a robot designed to help older adults gain independence, in the homes of more than 800 older adults. 

ElliQ is designed to alleviate the effects of loneliness or social isolation and connect users to their families and caregivers. Its technology combines psychology, behavioral sciences and advanced cognitive artificial intelligence capabilities to provide proactive and empathetic care.

ElliQ was designed in collaboration with Yves Béhar and his studio, fuseproject, and is the culmination of over five years of research and beta testing with older adults. Fuseproject has also helped Embodied develop Moxie, a companion robot designed to help children build social, emotional and cognitive skills.

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