Horizon Robotics releases robot development platform

Horizon Robotics is best known for its line of automotive-grade chips. | Source: Horizon Robotics

Horizon Robotics launched its Horizon Hobot Platform, a hardware and software robotics development platform.  The Horizon Hobot Platform gives developers a set of services, ranging from underlying computing, to development tools to algorithm cases, that aim to accelerate the robot development process.

The platform consists of the company’s Sunrise chip, the TogetherROS operating system, Boxs reference algorithm, robot application examples and supporting development tools. The China-based company said the platform can help the industry overcome some of its current problems, including low development efficiency, difficulty implementing technology and a mismatch between research and development costs and product value. 

Along with the announcement of the development platform, the company announced that it established the AIoT and General Robot Division. The company aims to continue providing a complete set of low-level computing, development tools and algorithm cases to developers to ease the pain points of robotics development. 

“As the complexity of composite robots increases, the requirements for device selection, software systems, and data iteration will also be higher,” Wang Cong, the general manager of Horizon’s AIoT and General Robotics Division, said. “Co-constructing a development ecosystem on an infrastructure-level platform is the only way for the industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency and release productivity.”

Horizon has shipped over one million units of its vehicle chip Journey series, a line of automotive-grade smart chips. 

“Since its establishment, Horizon has been adhering to the mission of ’empowering machines to make human life safer and better’, aiming to continue to deepen the field of artificial intelligence, so that every vehicle and every electrical appliance has the the ability of environmental perception, human-computer interaction and decision control to realize the intelligence of everything,” Dr. Yu Kai, the founder and chief scientist at Horizon, said. 

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