Hanwha Robotics releases HCR Advanced Series cobots

Hanwha Robotics has introduced a new series of 6-axis collaborative robotics arms – the HCR Advanced Series. The series includes three models (HCR-3A, HCR-5A, and HCR-12A) that offer new functionality for Hanwha cobots, including easier integration of end of arm tooling, the company said.

The HCR-3A is a small, lightweight cobot designed to be used in narrow spaces. It offers a 3 kg payload and 630 mm reach. Hanwha said the cobot’s infinite rotation on the end joint makes it well suited for screw driving and assembly applications.

The HCR-5A offers a payload of 5 kg and reach of 915 mm. Hanwha said the cobot is compliant with Cleanroom class ISO 2.

The HCR-12A is the strongest cobot in the series, offering a payload capacity of 12 kg and a reach of 1300 mm. Because of its large working radius, Hanwha said the cobot is designed for picking and placing of heavy objects, including loading-unloading and palletizing applications.

Here is a quick comparison of the HCR-3A, HCR-5A, and HCR-12A:

CobotDoFPayload (kg)Reach (mm)Repeatability (mm)Weight (kg)

“Hanwha Corporation has continued its R&D on cooperative robots to actively respond to the manufacturing automation trend following the 4th Industrial Revolution,” said Kyung-Seok Ok, the CEO of Hanwha Corporation.

Hanwha also introduced additional products designed to increase the productivity of the cobots. They are:

Robot AI 3D Vision (RAIV): an visual solution for cobots that can optimize efficiency by leveraging its 3D camera and deep learning technology.

Robot Visual Safety (RVS) a solution that adjusts the speed of a cobot according to the distance of its operator to ensure safety.

Mobility: a mobile robot base that effectively turns the cobots into mobile manipulators.

Robot Monitoring Service (RMS): Mobility also includes the RMS, which uses Hanwha Techwin’s camera technology to monitor the cobot’s work environment

Hanwha’s cobots are being sold through a global network with around 40 locations. The company first introduced its cobots in China, Korea, and Southeast Asia, and is hoping to make headway in the U.S. and Europe.

Hanwha Robotics HCR Advanced Series Cobots

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