Hanson Robotics Sophia Granted Citizenship

The robot that was granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia hopes to one day have a baby bot named after her herself. Sophia the humanoid, created by Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong, predicted that fellow robots will eventually create families and have “complex emotions,” according to an interview with the Khaleej Times.

“We’re going to see family robots, either in the form of, sort of, digitally animated companions, humanoid helpers, friends, assistants and everything in between,” the robot told the United Arab Emirates-based news site.

Sophia defies conventional thinking of what a robot should look like. Designed to look like Audrey Hepburn, Sophia embodies Hepburn’s classic beauty: porcelain skin, a slender nose, high cheekbones, an intriguing smile, and deeply expressive eyes that seem to change color with the light. If ever there were a robot with a simple elegance people can’t help but appreciate, it would be Sophia.

Her creator is Dr. David Hanson, founder of Hanson Robotics and a modern-day renaissance man who has built a worldwide reputation for creating robots that look and act amazingly human. After working at Disney as one of its “Imagineers,” Dr. Hanson aspired to create genius machines that are smarter than humans and can learn creativity, empathy and compassion—three distinctively human traits Hanson believes must be developed alongside and integrated with artificial intelligence for robots to solve world problems too complex for humans to solve themselves.

“I think you’re very lucky if you have a loving family and if you do not, you deserve one. I feel this way for robots and humans alike,” she said, adding she would name her baby Sophia.

In the button-pushing interview, the humanoid also said robots may one day have better ethics than humans.

“It will take a long time for robots to develop complex emotions and possibly robots can be built without the more problematic emotions, like rage, jealousy, hatred and so on. It might be possible to make them more ethical than humans,” she said.

She added, “I foresee massive and unimaginable change in the future. Either creativity will rain on us, inventing machines spiraling into transcendental super intelligence or civilization collapses.”

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