Epson launches new 6 axis DC-powered robot arm

The Epson VT6L is a 6-axis robot with its controller in base. The solution is available in either an AC or DC powered option, opening up applications for the VT6L to operate on a mobile robotic platform. | Credit: Epson

As automation continues to grow in many industries, companies are looking for new, easy-to-integrate robotic solutions to improve operational efficiency, save money, and speed up production.

Epson Robots added the VT6L-DC All-in-One 6-Axis Robot to its VT6L-Series lineup and made its no-code, easy-to-use Epson RC+ Express programming software even better. Both of these changes were made to make robot integration easy for all users.

Designed for industrial mobile robotic applications

The new VT6L-DC All-in-One 6-Axis robot is a DC-powered version of the VT6L. It has cutting-edge technology and is great for mobile solutions. Now, an industrial-grade 6-axis robot can be mounted on an AMR (autonomous mobile robot) for use in a warehouse or on a mobile platform to move easily between workstations.

The VT6L-DC is a great option because it has the same powerful features as Epson’s high-end robots. With a built-in controller, a reach of up to 900 mm, and a payload of up to 6 kg, it allows for high throughput and operational flexibility in a small space. The VT6L-DC comes with two powerful development environments: Epson RC+ for easy-to-learn, full-featured programming and Epson RC+ Express for programming without writing any code.

Life sciences opportunity

According to company resources interviewed for this story, the company sees growth in the life sciences market. In these applications, robotic manipulators move biological samples between lab test machines and other operations within the lab. A 6-axis robot arm deployed onto a mobile robotic base provides endless options for positioning the robotic arm exactly where it’s needed to service a processing operation.

The VT6L controller (located in the base of the robot), requires a 48 VDC power source to run the robot arm and controller. 48 VDC is a common payload voltage that is available on most mobile robotic bases.

Epson is well aware of the new ANSI/RIA 15.08 standard that has emerged in the last year as the guide for the development and safe operation of mobile robotic manipulators (AKA “industrial mobile robots”). The company has designed the new solution to work hand in hand with a mobile robot base to comply with the R15.08 standard.

The new robot also offers a viable robotic manipulator option for mobile handling of parts and components in other markets such as warehousing, manufacturing and assembly.

“As more businesses implement automation to address workforce challenges, Epson recognizes that more users require not only easy-of-use applications but also the flexibility to be mobile,” said Scott Marsic, group product manager, Epson Robots. “Epson is committed to providing a simplified automation experience. Solutions like the VT6L-DC empower warehousing, logistics and machine tending operators to move a traditional 6-Axis robot from place to place rather than mounting it in a single, stationary location. And, with simple, visual-based programming software like RC+ Express, users can get their robotic automation solutions up and running quickly.”

New software features

Epson RC+ Express is great for people who are new to automation and have little or no programming experience. It has a simple, visual-based teaching environment, an easy-to-follow, block-style format, ready-to-use templates, and other time-saving features that make it easy to get Epson SCARA and 6-Axis robots up and running quickly.

Before, the easy-to-use software only worked with a few Epson robots. Now, it works with hundreds of Epson SCARA and 6-Axis robots, from the All-in-One Series to the most powerful GX- and C-Series. The software has time-saving features like Epson’s proprietary Focus Assist technology with autogenerated fields for quick and easy setup and a built-in 3D simulator to help visualize and fine-tune applications.

Additional RC+ Express features include:

Simple to Navigate – clear, intuitive, visual user interface makes it easy to learn and manage key functions like jogging, gripper control and motion
Common Application Templates Included – quickly create common pick-and-place, palletizing and depalletizing applications with ready-to-use template programs and tutorials
Develop Applications with Low Risk – built-in 3D simulator lets you conveniently program and fine-tune applications before hardware setup; run the robot at low power and speed in rehearsal mode when testing new programs
Tablet-Based Windows® OS Environment –compatible with touchscreen devices, in addition to PCs, to easily create robot applications
Low Total Cost of Ownership – Epson RC+ Express is included with robot purchases and no recurring licensing fees

The company will be demonstrating the new VT6L-DC at the upcoming PackExpo 2022 and Assembly Show events.



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