Driven pays a visit to the robot on four legs

Wherever it goes, it is sure to attract attention. The red walking robot ANYmal provokes a reaction, which is why it also made it to the cover of the maxon magazine driven – representing the ever-increasing number of inspection robots worldwide.

Climbing, crawling, walking, or flying: inspection robots can be found everywhere, whether in sewer systems, on wind turbines, or at the bottom of the ocean. And their numbers are expected to increase dramatically in coming years. This is because they do work that is either too monotonous or too dangerous for humans. One of the most well-known of their ranks is the red walking robot ANYmal developed by Zürich-based startup ANYbotics. The editorial staff of driven magazine took a look behind the scenes and found out from the engineers how they taught their “baby” to walk.

Which BLDC motor to choose?

The technical article in the current issue of driven gives engineers an excellent overview of the various brushless DC motors made by maxon and their properties. All beautifully summarized using graphics. Least but not least, readers are transported to Great Britain and the gear motor specialist Parvalux. The long-established company joined the maxon Group in 2018. What has changed since then? And what synergies can be used in future?

driven magazine from maxon brings you interesting reports, interviews, and news from the world of drive technology, and is published in three languages. The current edition is available online and can also be ordered in print, free of charge:

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