Collaborative Robotics Training Days examines state of industry

Collaborative robots (cobots) are one of the fastest-growing types of industrial robotics. The cobot market is moving so fast it is often difficult for current and potential end-users to keep up with the latest developments.

Collaborative Robotics Training Days is here to help. The educational series will provide a snapshot of the current state of the sector, including new capabilities, powerful enabling technologies, and real-world case studies about emerging and established cobot applications. Hearing from some of the best minds in the market, attendees will learn how to select, program, deploy, and manage collaborative robots.

A detailed agenda can be found below. Again, interested attendees can register here for free.

Collaborative Robots and Intelligent Motion Control
Speaker: Prabh Gowrisankaran, VP of Engineering & Strategy, Performance Motion Devices
March 29 at 2 PM Eastern

This session will focus on servo actuators that function as end effectors. Understanding their capabilities and properties will help ensure that your next application delivers the goods without dropping the ball.

10 Point Checklist to Benchmark Your Cobot Supplier
Speaker: Joe Campbell, Head of Strategic Marketing, Universal Robots
April 5 at 2 PM Eastern

Collaborative robots make up the fastest-growing segment of the robotics industry, thanks to their affordability and fast deployment compared to traditional robots. But not all manufacturing processes have the same outlook for cobot automation, and not all cobot suppliers are created equal.

6-Axis, SCARA or Collaborative: How to Pick the Right Robot
Speaker: Patrick Varley, Product Marketing Manager (Mechatronics), Mitsubishi Electric Automation
April 12 at 2 PM Eastern

There is a great deal of “noise” in the robotics community, as well as in the business and investment press. This results in increased risk, missed opportunities, and confusion among all members of the collaborative robotics value chain. The problem is especially acute during the selection process for collaborative robotics systems.

Palletizing and Depalletizing Using Collaborative Robots
April 25 at 2 PM Eastern

Palletizing and depalletizing are two of the most common processes in material handling. Collaborative robotics systems have proven to be very adept for palletizing and depalletizing work, protecting workers from repetitive motion injuries and reducing costs in the process.

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