CES 2023 robotics Innovation Award winners announced

CES has announced the innovation award winners for the upcoming CES 2023 event happening in Las Vegas, on January 5-8, 2023. We went through the list of honorees and highlighted the robotics-related solutions for this story.

ACWA Robotics

French robotics company, ACWA Robotics, built a water pipe infrastructure mapping robot. The robot moves through the pipes while the water is running. The robot is able to precisely track its location while imaging the pipes, creating a map of exactly where repairs are needed. This information helps the water utility to prioritize and execute infrastructure repair operations.

Agrist Inc.

Japanese startup, Agrist Inc, developed an AGTECH robot for harvesting bell peppers. The mobile robot uses an onboard SCARA manipulator and vision guidance to identify and pick the individual peppers one at a time. The robot is designed to operate for 12 hours on a battery charge.


An ABB YUMi collaborative robot is at the heart of the Toneworks custom cosmetic manufacturing solution. | Credit: AmorePacific

Korean beauty product provider, AmorePacific, has come out with a new line of cosmetics called Authentic Color Master by Tonework. The cosmetics are manufactured to meet the needs of each customer. Tonework uses AI algorithms to precisely analyze the tone of the face. It then uses robotics to make custom liquid foundations, Cushion foundations, and lip products. A two-armed ABB YUMi robot is used by the system to automatically mix and make the custom cosmetic product for each client.

EVAR Parky

The EVAR Parky robot is a mobile EV charger that brings recharging directly to a vehicle parked anywhere in the parking lot. | Credit: EVAR

EVAR is spin-off from Samsung Electronic C-Lab. Korean company is developing EV charging solutions and introduced the autonomous mobile charging solution called Parky. Parky is essentially a mobile battery pack that can be summoned to an EV owner anywhere in a parking lot. The owner still needs to connect/disconnect Parky to their vehicle. Parky is expected to be sold to the public next year, and it is likely that it will be sold first in countries where there is less regulation. 

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