Aramark deploying cleaning robots in key locations

Aramark is deploying the CC3 autonomous floor scrubber at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Texas. | Source: Aramark

With the average commercial building spanning around 17,200 square feet, companies could be spending up to 350 hours each month on cleaning tasks, according to data from Commercial Cleaning Corp. This is a significant amount of time and money that businesses could be putting towards more value returning efforts. Aramark is hoping to improve efficiency and achieve superior cleaning results by deploying Pringle Robotics’ autonomous cleaning robots. 

Aramark is a global provider of food and facilities services, with operations spanning the education, healthcare, business and industry, sports, leisure, and corrections industries. As part of its partnership with Pringle Robotics, Aramark will install the company’s floor-cleaning robots and operation software systems at key customer locations. 

“Our clients depend on us to introduce leading technologies that can help to manage their facilities in a way that delivers superior cleaning efficacy with an attractive cost structure,” John Hanner, president and CEO of Aramark Facilities Management, said.

Edwards, Ill.-based Pringle Robotics develops robots for facilities management. The company has a line of 13 different robots, which include cleaning robots and service robots. Its robots work in airports, casinos, gyms, hospitals, hotels, malls, office buildings, restaurants, assisted living facilities, schools, museums, and more. In particular, Aramark is using Pringle Robotics’ CC1 and CC3 autonomous floor-cleaning robots. 

Inside Pringle’s deployment with Aramark

Pringle Robotics says it worked closely with Aramark to evaluate, pilot, and deploy the robots and customized and integrated software systems as Aramark accounts across its portfolio. 

CC1 is a multipurpose autonomous commercial floor-cleaning robot. It has four cleaning modes, including sweep, mop, scrub, and vacuum modes. For additional flexibility, it also includes manual control for spot treatment. CC3, on the other hand, is an industrial-grade autonomous floor scrubber. It can handle hard floors indoors and outdoors and can cover 20,000 square feet per hour. Both robots include an automatic charging and water dumping/refilling station.

One of the facilities where the robots are at work is Aramark’s Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center Dallas (KBHCCD). This convention center is one of the largest in the country, and it serves over a million visitors every year. At KBHCCD, the autonomous robots navigate through the convention center, cleaning and scrubbing a variety of floor types, including hard surfaces, carpeted meeting rooms, and lobbies. 

“The successful deployment of our floor cleaning robots and facility management software integrations at Aramark’s customer facilities points the way towards optimized and scalable cleaning innovation,” said Sudheer Sajja, founder and CEO of Pringle Robotics.

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