ANYmal legged robot gets 100th golden delivery from ANYbotics

The 100th ANYmal passes locomotion testing. Source: ANYbotics

ANYbotics AG recently celebrated the production of its 100th ANYmal quadruped. The Zurich-based company said the unit’s unique golden casing symbolizes its “commitment to the advancement of robotic inspections.” ANYmal has also successfully completed numerous test missions in long-term, year-round trials.

“Inspection robots such as ANYmal are critical in improving worker safety, increasing productivity, and supporting sustainable industrial facilities,” the company said in a release. “As the industry evolves, the demand for advanced robotic solutions grows, making the 100th ANYmal a symbol of progress and innovation.”

ANYbotics spun out of ETH Zurich in 2016 and sold its first systems in 2017. The company’s backers include industrial leaders Petronas, Shell, and BASF, as well as investors such as Walden Catalyst, NPG Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Aramco Ventures, and Swisscom Ventures.

In May 2023, ANYbotics raised $50 million toward international expansion and developing new capabilities for its quadrupeds.

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ANYbotics focuses on autonomous reliability

ANYbotics has manufactured ANYmal robots since 2019. The company said it has worked with Zollner Elektronik AG to refine its production process and meet increased demand.

“Assembly involves integrating thousands of high-quality components in a modular process where efficiency and quality are continuously optimized to meet our stringent requirements,” explained ANYbotics.

The quadruped robots include visual, thermal, and acoustic sensors to help keep industrial facilities running around the clock. ANYmal is also designed for reliable autonomous operations, the company claimed.

“Compared to situational teleoperated robot inspection, an autonomous solution requires an even higher degree of dependability when used at unmanned facilities, at night, and in the presence of humans,” ANYbotics said.

DSM-Firmenich takes delivery of ANYmal #100. Source: ANYbotics

ANYmal works around the clock and remotely

ANYbotics said said it subjected ANYmal #100 to the same extensive testing program as its other robots. This included Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) to test the durability of the individual components under extreme conditions.

The company said its test procedures are designed to ensure reliability and functionality in different operating environments. It analyzes telemetry data from long-term, in-field testing to continuously assess mobility, validate navigation algorithms, and enhance inspection capabilities.

At the EWZ power substation in Zurich, ANYmal makes its rounds 365 days a year, regardless of the season or weather conditions, noted ANYbotics. The legged robot’s IP67 rating ensures full functionality in demanding, wet, and dirty environments, including in heavy rain and snow, it said.

In addition, ANYmal can be integrated into remote operations for teleoperation and troubleshooting, according to ANYbotics.

“If ANYmal detects an anomaly during an inspection, it can immediately alert operators, ensuring timely response and intervention regardless of the operator’s location,” said the company. “This enables operators to intervene in situations, comprehensively review data, and solve problems in real time.”

DSM-Firmenich makes 100th order

DSM-Firmenich AG described itself as an innovator in nutrition, healthy, and beauty products. The Swiss firm happened to place the order for the 100th ANYmal and took delivery of the gold edition last month.

ANYbotics said this adoption “begins a new chapter in industrial automation and safety.” Its team has trained DSM-Firmenich operators, and its field engineers have provided on-site support.

“This ensures that DSM-Firmenich is well equipped to take advantage of ANYmal’s capabilities and maximize efficiency and safety in their facilities,” said ANYbotics.

The global market for quadruped robots could experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.5% to reach $540 million by 2029, according to Market Intelligence Data. Other producers of quadruped robots include Boston Dynamics, DEEP Robotics, Ghost Robotics, LimX Robotics, and Unitree.

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