Anybotics raises $50M to expand international deployments, develop new capabilities

Anybotics ANYmal quadruped is an autonomous mobile robot designed for indoor and outdoor operations in a variety of use cases. | Credit: Anybotics

Anybotics announced a $50M series B investment round. The investment comes at a time when heavy industries like oil and gas, chemicals, power, mining, metals and minerals, and utilities are looking for more robotic solutions. Faced with an aging workforce and a lack of workers, these industries are relying more and more on new robotics solutions to speed up operations and reduce their impact on the environment, while keeping workers safe. With this round, the company has raised a total of $74.8M so far (source: Crunchbase).

ANYmal, the company’s innovative robot platform, is both highly maneuverable and sufficiently robust for industrial use. This is an important mix to motivate users to use cutting-edge innovations, and it’s not something that competitors offer. The end-to-end solution from ANYbotics is used by international market leaders like PETRONAS, Shell, SLB, Outokumpu, Siemens Energy, BASF, and Vale. It provides value when it is put into action. ANYbotics has over $150M in pre-orders and bookings for its ANYmal X platform, which is the only explosion-proof legged inspection robot in the world. This is from oil and gas companies and chemical companies around the world who are taking part in the product launch program. With the extra money, the company intends to scale sales, delivery, and after-sales service globally to leverage strong market traction.

“This funding validates our unique approach to addressing fundamental challenges of operating complex industrial facilities,” said Dr. Péter Fankhauser, ANYbotics Co-Founder and CEO. “Our legged robots have already proven their value in increasing productivity and safety. With this investment, we will expand internationally and accelerate the development of our robots’ AI capabilities such as manipulation for maintenance work to revolutionize automated industrial operations.”

“At Bessemer Venture Partners, we firmly believe in the transformative potential of robotics companies like ANYbotics, which are not only redefining the market but also creating a significant positive impact on society,” said Alex Ferrara, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners. “ANYbotics has demonstrated exceptional capabilities in developing innovative robotic solutions that address the growing needs of heavy industries, simultaneously enhancing productivity, worker safety, and environmental sustainability.”

The ANYmal quadruped can autonomously navigate a facility and walk up and down stairs while executing a patrol mission. | Credit: Anybotics

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