ABB expands line of modular industrial robots

ABB Robotics is already expanding its lineup of modular industrial robot arms. The company this week introduced the IRB 7710 and IRB 7720 that offer 16 new variants and are designed for a variety of applications. However, ABB said it expects the majority of installations of the new robots to be in automotive OEM and Tier supplier sectors, as well as a significant level of installation in logistics, foundry, machinery manufacturing, construction and agriculture applications.

The IRB 7710 and IRB 7720 can handle payloads between 280kg to 620kg. These new robots join ABB’s recently launched IRB 5710-IRB 5720 and IRB 6710-IRB 6740 modular robots. Altogether, ABB said it modular robot lineup offers 46 different variants that can handle payloads between 70kg-620kg.

ABB first introduced its concept of modular industrial robot arms in 2023. It also won a 2024 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award for these robots.

What makes these robots innovative is that all models are based on the same modular design. All of the components are standardized across all model platforms, including the base, lower arm, upper arm, and wrist. All of the robots having the same footprint means installation is faster, more convenient, and more flexible. All of the modules, or building blocks, share the same linkages or interfaces, allowing ABB to offer a greater range of robot models more efficiently. The company said these modules help it maintain a more manageable supply chain of components, allowing it to deliver built-to-order robots far more quickly and economically.

ABB’s new IRB-7720 modular industrial robot arm. | Credit: ABB

“As businesses introduce new technologies and components to meet productivity and sustainability goals, we’ve engineered our modular large robot portfolio to enable them to select the best robots and variants to allow them to efficiently undertake their operations” said Marc Segura, president of ABB’s robotics division. “With the most comprehensive portfolio of mechatronic platforms, industrial robots, cobots, and AMRs in the marketplace, the latest robots extend our portfolio even further, helping our customers navigate labor shortages and ensuring they remain competitive, while operating in a sustainable manner.”

ABB’s new IRB 7710 and IRB 7720 robots offer 16 new variants and are ideally suited to support applications across various industries. Operators can choose from a wide range of ABB robots to ensure they have the ideal variant to handle various applications for electric vehicles (EV), hybrid, and traditional car production – spanning from press automation, body-in-white, EV battery construction, and final assembly. ABB said these robots are designed for high payload assembly, such as giga casting, high speed press tending and palletizing, as well as high accuracy contact applications, such as machining and friction stir welding.

The new robots offer path accuracy down to 0.6mm, ABB said, with multiple robots running at high speeds of up to 1600mm/s and moving payloads of up to 620kg. ABB’s new large robots made their debut at Automate in Chicago. They are working in a fully functional automotive production cell on ABB’s stand, performing car body component material handling, spot welding and arc welding.

ABB is celebrating 50 years of robotic innovation throughout 2024. Segura kicked off the celebration by recently discussing three ways artificial intelligence driving robotics innovation.


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